We connect.

In an era where connectivity is vital, we make sure you reach your audience in all possible ways. We do not work with a formula, primarily because there is none. We tailor fit every strategy to your every need.

We manage stories, emotions and reactions, and turn them in a viable community through feasible strategies grounded by reliable insights and statistics.

We are with you in every connection you make and in every relationship you establish.

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Online Magazine

MadHouseMNL Magazine is every young guy’s daily dose of life and style inspiration and all that randomness. We create stories and styles to inspire.


Content & Community Management

We manage your platforms inside and out, front and back. We create and implement content and campaigns directly aimed at your brand’s target market.

Concepts & Coverage

We record emotions, memories and stories. This is what we stand for. A beautiful video and photograph is not technical. It’s emotional. And it’s about time we get your audience emotionally hooked.

Talent Management

We harness raw talents and turn them into viable assets. We have wide range of talents – from bloggers to artists and even writers, who can work well with any project.